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The Curzon Group ® is the trading name of the Curzon Group of associated companies which are headquartered in London and provide a wide range of international consultancy, information services and professional advice to UK and international businesses, companies and individuals.

Curzon Group was established in 2006 by its founders, both of whom originally qualified as English lawyers and who, between them, have accumulated over 40 years of joint expertise in providing onshore and offshore legal structures, international business consultancy and legal advice and strategy in the former Eastern bloc markets of Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), The Balkans, Russia and The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Curzon Group has positioned itself as a leading consultancy for businesses and individuals from both the CEE and CIS and those from Western jurisdictions wishing to enter these and other emerging markets. Our experience, knowledge and expertise allows us to provide our clients with substantial added value and the key to our relationship with any client is providing a truly dedicated personal service that will endure over time. We are a fully client focused organisation and our aim is to provide a service that fits seamlessly with the needs and requirements of our clients’.

The services provided by the Curzon Group include the following:

We provide the above services through three associated companies:

▪ Curzon Consulting International Limited
CCIL provides our international consulting services, business and political intelligence reporting and due diligence processing.

▪ Curzon Trust & Administration Limited
CTAL provides UK based professional advisory services, corporate services and documentation drafting, procurement of immigration, notarial and consular services. Additionally, CTAL advises on property and land projects and procures UK based property services.

▪ Curzon Secretaries Limited
CSL is regulated by HMRC to provide onshore company formations, nominee services (including director, shareholder and company secretary) and Registered Office and Business Addresses.
CSL is further responsible for the establishment administration and management services of our offshore services and the procurement of tax advice and Legal Opinions (in both the entity jurisdiction and that of the clients’ country of domicile).

We specialise in providing solutions for businesses and individuals from and those wishing to enter the following jurisdictions:


Central & Eastern Europe Balkans Commonwealth of
Independent States
Czech Republic Albania Armenia
Estonia Bosnia Herzegovina
Azerbaijan Turkmenistan
Hungary Bulgaria Belarus Ukraine
Latvia Croatia Georgia Uzbekistan
Lithuania Macedonia Kazakhstan
Poland Montenegro Kyrgyzstan
Romania Serbia Moldova
Slovakia Turkey Russian Federation


In addition to the above emerging markets Curzon Group has a specific focus on China and Italy and actively represents Italian clients in the key jurisdictions of China, Romania, Moldova and the Balkan states.



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